Round the Bend Interior Design

We have Numerous Design Concept You can Choose

We’ll add your style to your space as we complement your space with the perfect wall finish, furniture design, fabric selection, lighting design, artwork and accessories.

we provide a high level of expertise in: interior design and renovation. Our strenght is that we offer unknown or new materials that are not visible on the market. 

Our promise is to bring the best level of expertise to your project, we make sure we use durable material for our projects.

Our vision is to always go one step further – we make sure give our clients the best in the process, we produce awesome result that outweigh the value the client paid for our service. 

We provide suitable and timely solutions to meet their expectations and needs of our client.

Space Planning

We will work with you to create an effective floor plan for your internal structure so you can efficiently utilize your space to meet your specific needs

Soft Finishing

Our finishing is top-notch. 

Window Treatment, Curtains, Blinds

We offer realible window treatment. We sell modern window blinds and curtains. 

Wall Treatment, Wall Panels

We offer affordable wall treatment services. We sell wall panels. 


We offer realible renovation services.

Design consultancy -Interior & Exterior

At sleek Innovations We provide our clients with a space that fulfils their needs and appeals to their sense of style to annex the balance between style and adequate functionality.

Sleep in Absolute Peace Wake up to Bright Sunshine

A place where considerate approach is taken for a well resolved balance between style and functionality.

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