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Furniture Manufacturing

Furniture making is an art that requires great skill and and precision. At Sleek Innovations, our ideal of furniture for our clients are those that can stand on a world class stage with those made by our international competitors.

Our highly skilled and vibrant production team use cutting-edge machinery to ensure that we produce quality, innovative and functional products. Simply put, we leave nothing to chance.
We make furniture for a diverse group of clients in the hospitality, real estate, and corporate sectors as well as individuals.


We believe in humble beginnings. But we also do believe that the jobs we deliver to our clients should tell a larger than life story.
Carpentry has left the backyards of workmen and local handymen, to workshop and factories where precision and smoothness is the order of the day.

At our work stations, we go to work with high-quality wood and laminate panels, which are fire retardant, water resistant, and moisture proof. From wardrobes to kitchen cabinets, and tables, we make all kinds of hard furniture required for every kind of setting.


Upholstery is all about the art of padded covering, and we are the leaders of that art. Leather, wool, acetate, jute, velvet, linen, chenille, cotton, polyester, silk, faux leather; we know the dynamics and intricacies of everyone of them.

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary in design, our soft furnishings such as sofas, throw pillows, headboards and ottomans will give your space a sophisticated and cozy outlook.

Design Consultancy (Interior and Exterior)

Our job is to complement your space with the perfect wall finish, furniture design, fabric selection, lighting design, artwork and accessories. Our expert knowledge of what benefits your structural design allows us to perfect your interior and exterior with all the right finishing.

Space Planing

We are experts at minimal and functional space planning and design. We will work with you to create an effective floor plan for your internal structure so you can efficiently utilize your space to meet your specific needs.

Soft Finishes

We are experts in a wide range of surface treatments to horizontal surfaces (floors and ceilings) and vertical surfaces (walls) to complete or enhance the aesthetic experience of interior and exterior parts of your space.

Window Treatment

With our vast knowledge in curtains, valances, cornices and shades we come up with functional, purely decor, or strike a balance between the two, depending on your space and the amount of natural light you receive.

Wall Treatment

We understand that outlook of the walls affects the overall aesthetics a space. We work with a wide range of materials and patterns to create wall treatments that celebrate the natural warmth, beauty, and appeal of your space.


Do you have worn out or decrepit spaces and properties you would like to return to their glory days? We are experts at improving structures with minimal difference from how they were before.

Design School

Turn your talent into profit and fall in love with your career. At sleek Innovations School of Design,
we prepare you for a successful career in interior decor and design. The training comprises both the business and aesthetic aspect of decoration and design. You will learn how to combine flooring, fabrics and furniture for harmony and By the end of your training you would have gained the confidence and skills needed to succeed in the growing industry.

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